Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 16 July 22, 2009

“Honey, can I make you a sandwich?” That was the innocent question from my husband, offering to make me lunch. What a sweetie. I have been eating carbohydrates and processed foods lately and can feel the effects in my body. I’m tired of having to fix my oatmeal every morning, so I decided to try a “wholesome” cold cereal…still highly processed, but it had whole-grains and flax seeds. Whenever I eat the regular cold cereal, I can feel it just sit there in my stomach, then for several hours I just don’t feel good. So I tried this other cereal. It left me wanting more carbos. So, an hour later, I made myself a little pancake (1 egg, soy milk, pancake mix). Cap and Frank came home about an hour later with half a pancake leftover from their breakfast out…so I ate that too. All day long, I was craving carbos. It wasn’t to manage my energy…it was because I was craving them and felt hungry…although my energy did fluctuate all day from being very sleepy tired to feeling normal. The “spell” wasn’t broken until I had just a salad for dinner. Then my body was stabilized.

What is it about carbos that keeps us craving more? Is it because the blood sugar rises too high, then plummets? Since I’ve been off chocolate and extra caffeine, I’m noticing how other foods affect my energy level. It’s like I’ve stripped away one layer and now I can feel the next. I don’t like how carbos feel in my body…at least the ones contained in breads (even whole wheat), flour tortillas, pastries, cold cereal, and pancakes. Oatmeal seems to be perfectly fine, as are dried beans and corn. I’ve not had potatoes or rice recently, so the jury is still out on them.

“No thanks Frank,” I responded, “I’ll make myself a salad.” And that is how it will be…no icky carbos for breakfast or lunch…they cause unhealthy cravings and make me feel almost comatose. It’s just not worth it. I’m happy to make my oatmeal each morning…I mean how long does it take…5 minutes???

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Aprils Song said...

I have noticed that about carbs also...they make me want to eat more. It must be the fast blood sugar drop, or maybe it is just pure addiction. Interesting.
Joyce, your observations and honest curiosity is and inspiration!