Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 17 July 23, 2009

My love affair with chocolate has ended. And I say “good riddance!” I spotted a bar of Scharffen Burger chocolate in the back of the fridge today and it didn’t even pull at me. Matter of fact, just for the heck of it, I asked my body what it would feel like if I were to have a piece. My eyeballs and brain were the first to respond with a resounding, “NO!” And just to drive the point home, I could immediately feel that chocolate high pressure behind my eyeballs and my brain felt like a ping pong ball on meth was let loose. Next, my heart joined in, beating a bit faster and more frantically. Then all my cells started coming forward, asking me not to drug them…not to alter their synchronistic, natural rhythms.

What a turn-around! In 17 days I have gone from craving that chocolate high to being repulsed by it. I feel the same about additional caffeine too. So far, my scant-one-shot soy latte in the morning is all I want. And so far, my body hasn’t rejected it.

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Aprils Song said...

Interesting how your body was able to inform you, without even taking a bite of chocolate! Yea Chocolate is out and Natural Energy is in!