Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 25 July 31, 2009

Okay, something really weird happened to me tonight. I went to a networking meeting for holistic practitioners and the guest speaker talked about inviting our celestial team on board with our business. Now, I don’t believe I have a celestial team, or could stretch as far as saying that I have not yet met my celestial team.

Well, that is not exactly true. About a year ago, I was told by a recognized psychic that I have an archangel of compassion who is always with me. I went home and tried to see and feel this entity…to no avail. So, I pretended that I could see and feel his presence and guidance (a “fake it ‘till you make it” approach). I would ask him for help when I was stuck, judgmental, or not open in my heart. That enough would ground me in compassion, and I was able to make a shift in the moment.

From January through April of this year, I went through a series of hypnotherapy sessions, to help a friend out who was getting his certification and needed someone to practice on. During these sessions, a wise guide revealed himself to me and he has aided me in times of struggle ever since. Although he doesn’t feel like he resides in the cosmos…rather he feels very much a part of me.

So I may, indeed, have the makings of a team already…I am open to that possibility but only if I have an experience of them…not just a belief or faith or intellectual knowledge of them.

Back to the meeting… While the speaker was talking about how she came to know her celestial team…and then start working with them, this ringing sound grew stronger and louder in my head. It was similar to the sound a P.A. system makes right before the voice comes on…that high pitched screech of the microphone. Then I had a compelling and urgent thought, “Listen to what she is saying”, a voice in my head bellowed. “Listen, for this is something you need to know…she is speaking the truth.” This deafening sound and these thoughts repeated themselves for several minutes. I though my head might just explode.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a huge protective glass bubble around me, and the sound was cracking the bubble, threatening to leave me wide open for a huge shift to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing and feeling. I kept trying to hold the glass bubble together, but the glass was shattering into a million tiny pieces. I felt like I was being exposed to a whole new frequency of being, one that is powerful, vast, and wise.

It was at that very moment that the speaker asked me how I accessed my celestial team. The call back to the reality of the room was difficult. My only response was to burst into tears and tell her what I was experiencing…that it felt as if my team was connecting with me for the first time this very moment! Everyone in the room was very excited for me (not the response I was expecting…I was sure they would bring out the straightjacket right there and then). The speaker was delighted and said I have a wondrous journey ahead of me. I spent the rest of the meeting oscillating between my inner world and my outer world.

Driving home, I though about how I would explain all this to my husband. He has been so supportive of my spiritual journey thus far. I feared that this might push him over the brink. Ah, me of little faith! I told him my story and watched intently for the reaction in his face. He took it all in and then encouraged me to jot this all down, while it was fresh in my mind. As I was reading to him what was on the handouts, my ‘knowing’ and connection with my experience was fading. Frank suggested it was because of how it was written…it wasn’t in MY language. And because it wasn’t in a language that I resonated with, it was steering me away from my experience, not towards it. He recommended that I forget the handouts and take the time to integrate with my experience, play with inviting in my team, and just see what happens. I LOVE this man!! He totally gets me and knows how to help me help myself.

So, I am officially calling in my team…the wisdom, the manifestation, the attraction, the support, the fulfilling of my soul’s calling. I am to be somewhat detailed in asking for what I want…then open myself to the answers and direction with all the love, grace, and gratitude in the universe.

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Aprils Song said...

Far from "wierd", I would call this phenomenal and very real!

What a break through JOYce!