Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 3

Today was a “lower” energy day. I got to bed an hour later than I should have last night. I worked for my entrepreneur today about 60 miles away. Normally, I would have brought a tea bag with me and sipped on the tea all day. Then, I would have bought a single shot latte or a small Scharffen Berger chocolate bar for the long, slow, warm drive home.

But today, in my commitment to pure, natural energy, I didn’t do any of those things. And an amazing thing happened. After I ate lunch, I revived – not that manic reviving that happens when I drink caffeine or eat chocolate – but a calm revival that was very even. That’s what I enjoyed the most…the evenness of the energy. Even though my energy was lower than I experienced yesterday, I found I wasn’t sleepy in the car…I even had to run an errand on the way home, which extended my commute by about 30-minutes. I made two wrong turns and found myself very neutral about the mistakes.

Steady energy and calmness…now that’s a switch!

Here I sit after dinner feeling that steady energy notched down a bit more. I’m not ready for sleep, but I’m ready to not push tonight. I want to just take it slow and keep it steady…read and reply to emails, check FB, write in my blog, and maybe get my flyer out for my new Reiki class.

Interesting…I don’t want to push…I want to keep it calm and steady…matching the energy that is inside of me. This all feels very organic…very natural. Native energy.

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