Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 4, July 10, 2009

Today is my birthday – 52 years on the planet…and counting J

I chose to have decaf coffee (instead of the “hard stuff”) at the restaurant where Cap and Frank took me to breakfast. It actually felt really good not to be both full and hyped up on caffeine. (Now, let me explain…I have not given up my single shot soy latte first thing in the morning. This is because I don’t feel that I am abusing caffeine in the morning…as long as I stick to just that, and not have more caffeine on top of that…like tea later on in the morning. Perhaps some day I will find that the morning latte is getting in my way of being fully with myself. If/when that happens, I will remove that habit too.)

Later in the day, Frank and I went peddle-boating at the Loch Lomond reservoir. Here is where my knee-jerk reaction came to have chocolate. It was warm, the scenery was gorgeous, I was on the water – which I LOVE - and I was communing with my husband. I wanted more…I wanted the “drug” of chocolate that would amp everything up that I was feeling. Interesting to witness this. Here I am, with good, natural energy and everything was perfect. Why alter this experience?

So I let the desire go…and it went gracefully. Oh, the thought of having chocolate popped up now and again during the afternoon on the water, but only as habit…not as need. I was mellow all day…and that is a new experience for me. And it was quite enjoyable. Not being overwhelmed by the drug in my system, I was better able to really hear the sounds and see the sights and be with my beloved. I even nodded off for about 10 minutes when we stopped for awhile in the shade of the trees on the bank of the reservoir. When I awoke, I was refreshed. “Hmmm…” I thought, “so when I get a little tired, all I have to do is take a 10-minute nap and I will wake up refreshed. It doesn’t require chocolate to keep me going all day.”

And refreshed I was. We went out to dinner and dancing after 3-hrs of peddling! I dropped into bed at 11:30 wonderfully tired. And I fell asleep right away! Usually, when I go to bed I am quite tired, but have a hard time falling asleep…my body is buzzing and my mind is spinning. I’m curious to know if that is me naturally, or a result of the stimulant of chocolate/caffeine in my system. Only time will tell…

See you tomorrow!

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Chris Flynn said...

Oh Joyce... I'm so glad you got to experience the healing waters of Loch Lomond! The Lompico strand of the Olonhe Indians lived around there. Could you feel them? Of course it was way before the Loch was filled in.

Way to go on the chocolate scene! I love watching your energy with you!


Love you,