Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 5 July 11, 2009

I spent 3 glorious hours in the Redwood forest in front of my house today (okay, we’re only talking about a dozen trees, but it’s my little forest). Clearing away little dead trees, root suckers, saplings, and years worth of dead leaves and branches. I took out an entire bush of some sort…opening up our little yard area even more. Tomorrow I’ll put all this through my new electric mulcher/chipper. Redwood forest loam…woohoo!

Totally physically spent, I took a much needed shower, then rested for about 15 minutes. It’s amazing how refreshed I can feel after a short, but deep nap.

Frank and I talked about how he is experiencing me these past 5-days. He said he is really enjoying me in my “Native Energy. He said I seem much more mellow and more present. Wow, more present. I really feel that too. Before, when I was in the middle of something and he came to talk with me, I see now that I was just waiting for him to finish so that I could get back to whatever it was I was doing. Not really being present with him or engaging him. These days when he comes to talk to me, I find it easier to pull out of what I am doing because I’m not so driven in the first place (as in, “must -get -this -done -now.”). I actually find what he’s saying more interesting because I am paying attention…I am present and really getting into what he’s saying. I’m appreciating his enthusiasm as he talks; I even notice his facial expressions (he’s really quite cute)!

I’m mellow and present…not amped up on chocolate or stifled with food. This is good.

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