Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 6 July12, 2009

Today wasn’t as pleasant a day as the previous 5…I suppose it had to happen sometime. My body is tired from two days of more physical activity than I am used to. I enjoy this tiredness, however, I know my body has been exercised and that feels good. In my previous life (aka 7 days ago) I would have munched on chocolate all day long to keep my energy at a higher level. But in this life, I had to be with my very mellow energy.

I ran a few errands and came back very tired. Can’t pull out the chocolate…so I took a nap. What a waste of time :( A full hour later, I am no longer sleepy tired, but still very mellow.

I sat at my computer, reading an article April sent me about the history of Reiki and comparing it to my own learning. I spend more time than I “should” at it, but it was important for me to understand the information that is out there. And April asked me to do this…she is a good friend and a teacher and I was honored to do it.

At 6pm I went outside to water the plants. California is in it’s 3rd year of drought and in our area we have a moratorium on outside watering from 9am – 6pm. Usually, I delight in watering the yard after a hot day…I imagine each plant rejoicing as it laps up the water into its parched roots. I enjoy rinsing off their dusty leaves to help them better photosynthesize. I commune with them. But tonight everything just seemed to take a long time. I wanted to give my peach and crepe myrtle trees a good soaking. I was too lazy to get my gloves and overlap by pulling weeds, so I just stood there…doing only one thing…watering the plants…without communing with them. I just stood out there with the hose in my hand and my mind on who knows what. Certainly not present with these magnificent beings.

It’s now almost eight o’clock and I look at all the things I had planned yesterday to do today. I’ve done five out of ten. Ugh. Frank and I are getting together at 8:30 to watch a movie…so that leaves me 30-minutes to do 5 things :) And I haven’t even had dinner yet. So I go and try to squeeze these remaining items into tomorrow and the next day's calendar. If I were on chocolate, I’d be able to get them all done. These days…who knows?

Even though today has been a tough day, I realize in the midst of it that this is still what I choose to do…how I choose to treat my body, mind, and spirit. This is real…the other was manufactured. I prefer real.

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