Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 26 August 1, 2009

Talk about a flexible day! I was planning on spending the day with my friend, April, teaching her Usui Reiki Ryoho. But she got held over at work for 1 ½ hours and was so frustrated by that time, that we just called it off. She needed to pick something up at my house, so the plan was that she would stop off on her way home. Now my day is completely free. Frank is away until mid-afternoon. What one of my many passions do I want to pursue? The Redwood grove called to me. So, I got my saw, clippers, pruner, gloves, and water, and spent two glorious hours continuing to clear out my Redwood grove of YEARS worth of underbrush.

I was entering the thickest part of my little grove…the dead leaves and broken limbs were piled 6 feet high. I started pulling them all down when a wasp flew out and stung me on my head…getting caught in my hair in the process. I tried to get it loose with my gloved hand. Then another bee stung me…and got caught in my hair. I ran from the grove, shaking and slapping my head all the while. Finally, I separated the bees from my hair.

The pain from the stings was immense. My head immediately grew hot and I had an intense headache. My heartbeat quickened and I could feel my heart pounding in my throat and chest. I took off my gloves and noticed that my wedding ring was tight. I managed to get it off. I had a metallic taste in my mouth. I moved my tongue around in my mouth to see if it was swollen…it was not. I swallowed…no issues there or with my breathing. I knew April would be at my house any minute. She’s a firefighter and would know what to do. I layed down on the ground, breathing into my lower hara, trying to calm my system down.

About 5-minutes later, Angel April drove up. Poor thing…held over at work, lots of traffic on her hour-plus commute home, and now she’ll get held up here at my house. She went into calm action…asking me many questions. She said that people who have an anaphylactic reaction usually get it right away, so the fact that I wasn’t having difficulty breathing, didn’t have a rash, wasn’t swelling up, and didn’t feel dizzy or disoriented, I should be okay. In addition to the fact that I’ve been stung many times before, with no adverse reactions.

About 10-minutes later, however, my entire body felt itchy. No rash, but itchy. April said that Benedryl is administered in the case of a reaction and recommended that I take some, just in case. So, she runs off to the store to buy me some. By the time she comes back, I’ve got a rash over the bulk of my body. I feel sick to my stomach, have stomach cramping, and I am dizzy when I stand up. I take the maximum recommended amount of Benedryl and April decides to stick around for a while to see if my symptoms get worse. She gets me an ice pack for my stings, and even makes my father-in-law’s lunch. Did I mention she is an angel? I really don’t know how long she stayed – somewhere between 30-45 minutes is my best guess…I’m feeling restless and anxious (another symptom, I learn later) and am trying to relax on the couch. She checks on me again…my symptoms are not getting worse, so she feels I have experienced the worst of it. She leaves for home, and I promise to call her in a few hours.

Frank came home shortly after April left. I filled him in on the story and told him I was heading into the bedroom, as the drowsy effects of the Benedryl were finally hitting me, so it was a good time for a nap. He said he’d take a nap with me, that way he could be sure I kept breathing…how did I get so lucky to have such caring, loving people around me??? I dropped off into a deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon, with my husband and kitten Josey by my side.

I am wondering why I am having this allergic reaction, when I have not in the past. (When I was in a young girl, I stepped in a yellow jacket nest on my uncle’s property and got stung several times on my head…with no allergic reaction). Then it dawns on me…I am taking heavy-duty Rheumatoid Arthritis medications whose sole functions are to suppress my immune system. So my body is limited in its ability to fight off the effects of the stings. Just another example of how I’m not in the same category as most people and not even in the same category that I used to be in. I need to constantly remember this…no assumptions anymore.

When I started this day, I asked my still-to-be-realized celestial team to help purge me of anger and worry…two emotions that I have not been aware existed in me before…before I started this 30-day journey. I am wondering if this experience is in any way an answer to my request. Because, in the midst of the pain and effects of my allergic reaction, I did not have any anger or worries…I was totally present and in the moment. I wasn’t angry or even worried about my situation. I knew I was in excellent hands with Angel April. I hope my team doesn’t think I need to be hit over the head (or stung on the head) before I will change. Boy, I hope that isn’t true.

I think I’ll go for a more benign request tomorrow, just in case :)


Aprils Song said...

JOYce you were beautiful, calm and full of grace through the whole experience!

I have heard that over time we can become more allergic to bee stings. It is good to always be and act with watchfulness as we grow in "maturity" :-) So you are not alone in this potential vulnerability.

I am holding with you the thought that you don't have to be hit on the head by bees... in the future. I was amazed that you were not one bit afraid of them after it happened. In fact you were milling around right in their front door when we gathered up tools. I was way more nervous than you. It was as though you actually had some pact or understanding with those bees. Fascinating! I Love you JOYce Leonard! It was a privilege to "bee" there right when needed.

Aprils Song said...

Oh, they held me over TWO hours...grumble, grumble.