Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 3 - 30 Days on a Diabetic Diet

I found it VERY challenging to keep to my 6 portions of carbs yesterday – mainly because I ate out for two of my meals. I see that our American diet does not support the diabetic diet – something the diabetics already know, I am sure.

We rushed out early to meet a friend for a bike race at UCSC. We grabbed breakfast at a coffeehouse. I got a bagel with egg. Fortunately it was a smaller bagel – still it counted for 4 carbs. There really wasn’t anything less grievous. I had peanut butter and celery for lunch – at home. Perfect. Frank and I celebrated 10 years of being together by going to a lounge in the late afternoon to enjoy music and dancing. We were hungry and all they had were chips and salsa. I didn’t eat too many, but certainly 1 carb worth. Plus one cosmo - another carb. My daily total all used up.

Then, for dinner, we went to an Italian place, recommended by the bartender at the lounge. Here is where I made an incorrect choice: ravioli, bread, and wine instead of a salad and water. Another incorrect choice: eat a bit of the ravioli and take the rest home, not eat the entire meal.

Here’s where my own beliefs come into play. Going out for a celebratory dinner and only having salad and water??? My belief is that this is the time to splurge – to do otherwise would feel diminishing.

Another belief I have is to clean my plate. It goes against my ethics to leave food on the plate to be thrown away. Have we any idea all that it “costs” to put food on our table, in terms of water, soil, farm labor, etc? And for those who eat meat, dairy, and eggs – all that the animal contributed to get this food to us? And then, with a caviler attitude, we take a few bites and leave the rest to be thrown away. To me, this feels like a total disrespect for the land, the farmers, the animals, and the chef! Some people are taught to leave a bit of food on the plate. I’m not sure why (I was raised by ‘clean your plate’ parents). Perhaps it shows discipline and refinery. This really gets to me…especially when done at a buffet where we can monitor the amount that goes on our plates. If you don’t want to take the food you’ve not eaten home, box it up and give it to a homeless person. Feed it to your cat or dog. Make good use of it…recycle it for heavens sake, don’t just throw it away!

Stepping off my soap box, and getting back to reflecting on my eating yesterday, I certainly could have boxed up half of my meal…I really wasn’t that hungry to eat it all. But the celebratory nature of our evening, the cosmo, dancing, and wine had me feeling quite giddy – and I had no discipline. I ate the whole meal – with glee I might add.

Lessons learned:
- Eating breakfast on the run is challenging, so plan better and have breakfast at home – especially when I know I’m going to be eating dinner in a restaurant that night.
- Ask the waiter for a take home box immediately after bringing my meal and put half of it in there. Then totally, decadently enjoy the rest of my meal.

Today, I’m gleefully back on track. I see I have a lot to learn in these 30-days!

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