Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 30 August 5, 2009

Today is my 30th day of being with my natural energy. I have definitely kicked the habit of running to chocolate or caffeine or food to alter my energy. Now, if I’m tired and I have the time, I take a little nap. I’m a good napper, fortunately. I can rest for as little as 10-minutes and feel better for several hours afterward.

As an experiment, last night I had some chocolate. I wasn’t tired; I just wanted to see what it felt like. There was a bit of a risk that I would really like it, but I felt it important that I test this out.

I didn’t like the feeling AT ALL :( I had a hard time focusing and being present when Frank and I were doing our check-in. I was impatient, my pulse was faster, and I felt that pressure behind my eyeballs. I am glad I imbibed at night, so that I could put myself out of my misery by just going to bed a bit early.

So it is, indeed, a done deal. It took less than 30-days, and I am very pleased with both the journey and the end result.

I have also really enjoyed blogging on an almost-every-day basis. It is a wonderful way to underpin my “ah has” and insights and it’s nice to know others have benefited from what they have read as well.

I’ve already started my 30-days of Calling in My Celestial Team (I’ll have to rename this when I am more familiar with it all). I will blog as often as I can…probably 4-5 times a week…documenting the process and results.

Thank you for joining me, witnessing, and supporting me on my 30-days of Being with My Natural Energy!


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Chris Flynn said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us! You are awesome.

I look forward to what you and your rollicking group of Celestial cohorts have to share with us! You are a JOY!

Love you dearly,

ToniHands said...

Joyce, your journey has been such a validation that we can (CAN!)accomplish even the things we think are "impossible" or that we can't imagine ourselves doing.
Thank you for your lessons shared...