Saturday, August 22, 2009


BTW, I AM still on the journey of 30-Days of Calling in My Team. It's just that not much has happened in that regard. Benny is a bit more friendly, and all the other intentions are not due in for a while.

I am, however, using Reiki and Intention and The Team (all the same, I realize) to get rid of the wasp nest in the Sacred Redwood Circle. I got stung twice in the head and had a pretty strong reaction a few weeks ago when I discovered it. We don't want to use pesticides to extricate then it would no longer be a sacred circle :(

My Animal Reiki teacher (Kathleen Prasad) did this once with a flea infestation she had in her backyard. She gave them 7 days to relocate or she'd have to call in the exterminator. She visualized harmony in her yard, asked the fleas to leave, asked all the other creatures in her yard to assist, and did Reiki on the yard. Day 1: she had so many fleas on her leg she couldn't count them all. Day 3: half as many. Day 7: NONE.

I've given the wasps 9 days. Today they have 7. I've suggested alternate locations where they could live undisturbed (directly east, across the river where there are no houses), explained the new use of the area (A Sacred Circle), asked for harmony in our yard, asked the Redwood Trees to help me (as this is where the wasps are living), and asked all the other critters and plants in the yard to help out. I am after a peaceful solution. If, by the 10th day they are still here, I will smoke them out. This won't kill them, but things will be very unpleasant and they will have to immediately find a new home and relocate. Wouldn't it be better to scout out the perfect new home and move in casually over the course of the next several days? I know this is anthropomorphizing, but I know that through Reiki, they understand.

I'd appreciate any help you can give us by visualizing the wasps (or whatever they are...could be yellow jackets) relocating to a safer place by August 29th and the Sacred Circle being a place of harmony, joy, and peace.

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